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This study was carried out on granitic rocks from the Biga Peninsula in order to investigate petrographic, and mineralogical properties in comparison with mechanical strength properties. This study was conducted in four different locations where granitic rocks outcrop from north to south in the Biga Peninsula: Lapseki (Şevketiye granite), Ezine (Kestanbol granite), Bayramiç (Yassıbağ granite), and Edremit (Eybek granite). Field observations and detailed petrographic studies of representative samples indicate that they are quartz monzodiorite (Şevketiye and Yassıbağ), quartz monzonite (Kestanbol), and granodiorite (Eybek) in composition. All the rocks have similar mineral composition, comprising mainly feldspar (plagioclase-alkali feldspar), quartz, mafic minerals (biotite and amphibole), accessory minerals (sphene, zircon, opaque minerals), and secondary minerals (sericite, epidote, chlorite) with differences in the percentage of modal mineralogy, textural details, and weathering. Physical and mechanical properties were also defined in this study, these include water absorption, porosity, uniaxial compressive strength (UCS), tensile strength (TS), Schmidt hardness tests (SHT), Los Angeles test (LA), and frost resistance test (FRT) with sodium sulfate (Na2SO4). The results of strength tests show that the Şevketiye granite had the lowest strength values with the highest values for Los Angeles abrasion, frost resistance, water absorption, and porosity. The Eybek granite exhibited the highest value for strength, with the lowest values for Los Angeles abrasion, frost resistance, water absorption, and porosity. A comparison of the petrographic properties of all studied rocks with their respective strengths show that modal mineralogy, degree of alteration, and texture influence the strength of the rocks. Additionally, an increasing propensity for UCS and TS values was found with increasing SHT values. The LA abrasion values and the FRT values were found to increase with decreasing Schmidt hardness test values for the tested samples. The found results of this study could help in the application of these rocks as row material.


Biga Peninsula, granites, mechanical properties, petrography, physical properties

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