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The Ömer-Gecek region, one of the most critical geothermal areas of Afyonkarahisar, together with Western Anatolia, serves as a model for the integrated use of geothermal waters. As a result of the analysis made on the samples collected from the newly drilled wells, the chemical composition of the Ömer-Gecek geothermal waters, with a max temperature of 125 °C, has been determined as Na-Cl. The primary hydrochemical process affecting the chemical composition is silicate weathering. All the applied geothermometer methods showed that the water's maximum reservoir temperature was 120-130 °C. The calcite, dolomite, and aragonite minerals tend to precipitate. When compared with the previous studies in the region, it is seen that the chemical compositions of the waters have not changed, but they have become relatively more mature and closer to reaching their calculated reservoir temperature.

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