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The demand for energy is increasing day by day worldwide due to population growth, industrialization and rising living standards. Geothermal energy, one of the alternative energy sources, is preferred in terms of providing environmentally friendly, quality and regular energy. Our country is rich in geothermal resource potential. However, there are still many unexplored geothermal resources. In this study, fuzzy-AHP method was used to determine the geothermal potential of Ağrı province. Five criteria such as geological formations, hot / mineral springs, lineaments, land surface temperature and hydrothermal alteration zones were evaluated to determine the having geothermal potential. The maps of lineament, land surface temperature and hydrothermal alteration zones were prepared using Landsat 8 OLI/TIRS satellite images. Each criterion was weighted with the fuzzy-AHP method, analyzed in the GIS environment, and the geothermal potential index (GPI) of the study area was calculated. As a result, areas with very high, high, medium and low geothermal potential were determined in the study area. According to the GPI map of the study area, Ağrı provincial center, Patnos, Eleşkirt, and Doğubayazıt regions have high geothermal potential. In addition, the known geothermal fields in the study area have been identified as areas with very high geothermal potential. These data reveal the accuracy of the study and used method.


Analytic hierarchy process, fuzzy, geothermal potential, Ağrı

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