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This study has been prepared in accordance with the objectives of evaluating and developing geothermal resources in order to bring the geothermal resources in the Konya Plain Project (KOP) Region, which includes Aksaray, Kırşehir, Konya, Nevşehir, Niğde and Yozgat provinces, to the country?s economy with maximum capacity, and to develop proposals for investments to be made. The number of overnight stays and the number of tourists outside the region should be increased by utilizing alternative tourism opportunities in the region. Their use in terms of geothermal energy, tourism and health has an important investment and income potential for the region. It has been determined by the laboratory results that the contents of thermal waters have inductions against many diseases. New investment projects have been recommended with the strategy of highlighting different practices in different provinces within the KOP Region. In this respect, each province and region within each province were evaluated separately, and suggestions suitable for their strategic positioning were presented. In addition, rather than offering new thermal accommodation facilities, modernization of existing facilities or businesses and infrastructures that offer services that all facilities can benefit from are proposed. However, it was seen that there was a need for accommodation capacity and new business models in some regions and suggestions were made accordingly.


Konya Plain Region, geothermal energy, tourism and health, agricultural utilization, geothermal greenhouses, district heating

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