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In this study, coal seams of the Alpagut-Dodurga coal field, located in one of Anatolia's most important Tertiary-aged basins of the Çankırı-Çorum Basin, were modeled in 3 dimensions by using Netpro/Mine software and geostatistical methods for the estimation of resource amount. Additionally, the spatial distributions of coal quality parameters (lower calorific value, ash content, and moisture content) were determined using the same software and mapped thematically. Mining activities with inaccurate methods and planning lead to unacceptable reserve losses. The selection and planning of effective and economic production methods could be possible with three-dimensional modeling, accurate determination of spatial distributions of quality parameters, and resource estimation. As a result of this study, the present resources estimated from the geologic solid model using Netpro/Mine software was found to be 19.5 × 106 m3. Modeling and 3-dimensional visualizations of resources in a scientific and rational manner with software provides mine planners with realistic production design and planning. These models have great importance in terms of providing quick and more reliable data to mine planners and managers during decision-making processes.


Coal resource estimation, geostatistics, 3D modeling, Alpagut-Dodurga coal field

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