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The edge detection, the Curie point depths (CPDs), and the heat flow in the northern part of Eastern Anatolia were examined using EMAG2 magnetic and EGM08 Bouguer gravity data. Edge detection methods are extensively employed to delineate the edges of sources using potential field data. In the study area, the tilt angle, total horizontal derivative, theta map, and 3D Euler deconvolution methods were used to delineate the subsurface geology and heterogeneity. The 3D Euler deconvolution method was carried out to determine the depth of the subsurface magnetic and gravity anomalies. The Euler depth solutions show that the depths range from 0 to 15 km for the Bouguer gravity anomalies, while the depths vary from 0 to 16 km for the magnetic anomalies. In this study area, the CPD values vary between 15.7 km and 18.6 km. For a thermal conductivity of 2.5 W m-1 K-1, the heat flow values were determined to be between 75 and 95 mW m-2. A plot of CPDs versus heat flow values revealed an exponential correlation between heat flow and CPD values. A good relationship was detected between the CPDs and the heat flow values.

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