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Geotechnical properties of dredged sediment from Chorfa dam in Algeria and their mixtures (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25%) with bentonite were investigated through a series of laboratory experimental tests in order to investigate possibilities of their usage as a barrier against the spread out of the Sebkha of Oran in the northwest of Algeria. Grain size and Atterberg limits tests, chemical and mineral analyses, and compaction, vertical swelling, and horizontal and vertical permeability tests were performed on the soils and their mixtures using tap water and the salty Sebkha water. The results indicate that the bentonite specimens remolded and inundated with Sebkha salty water have less swell potential than those prepared with tap water. The addition of bentonite to Chorfa sediment increases the density, limit liquid, specific surface, and swell potential of the mixtures. Compaction tests show a decrease in the optimum moisture and an increase in maximum dry densities as the bentonite content increases. The horizontal and vertical permeabilities decrease relatively with the addition of bentonite.


Dredged sediment, bentonite, salty water, barrier

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