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The integration of sedimentological, palynological and palaeontological data in three different outcrops in SW Turkey provides a clearer understanding of the palaeoenvironments in an area between the Çardak-Dazkırı Basin and the Isparta region during the Middle-Late Eocene. In this study, the Çardak-Dazkırı (Başçeşme Formation), Burdur (Varsakyayla Formation) and Isparta (Kayıköy Formation) areas have been studied for facies and facies associations. These formations contain alluvial fan, fan delta, shelf and related marine deposits. Detailed field observations allowed 34 lithofacies and 10 facies associations to be identified. The palynomorph assemblages in the Başçeşme and Varsakyayla formations contain biostratigraphically important taxa such as Aglaoreidia cyclops, Triatriopollenites excelsus, Plicatopollis lunatus, Subtriporopollenites constans and Subtriporopollenites anulatus ssp. nanus. The mangrove and back mangrove elements such as Psilatricolporites crassus and Spinizoncolpites sp. also occur in these palynomorph assemblages. The upper parts of the Başçeşme and Varsakyayla formations, which often exhibit reef developments, contain an assemblage of orthophragmines (Discocyclina sp.), nummulitids (Nummulites sp., Assilina sp., Heterostegina sp., Operculina sp.) and other benthic taxa (Halkyardia sp., Fabiania sp., Asterigerina sp., and Sphaerogypsina sp.). These assemblages indicate shallow benthic zones 18-20 (SBZ 18-20). The absence of foraminifera in the Kayıköy Formation does not allow a precise age of the unit to be determined. However, the occurrence of some planktonic foraminifera (Globigerinidae) and the presence of clastic sediments suggest a marine environment with turbidity currents. The lateral and vertical relations of the Başçeşme, Varsakyayla and Kayıköy formations suggest a marine transgression from west to east in SW Anatolia during the late Middle Eocene-Late Eocene.


facies analysis, palynology, benthic foraminifera, Eocene deposits, western Taurides

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