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The name Danielita is proposed for a new dagmaritin genus characterized by a biserial arrangement of chambers with spine-like extensions at chamber corners and a perforated wall. Danielita differs from Dagmarita, from which it was derived, by a perforated wall and constitutes one of the peculiar evolutionary trends of the dagmaritin stock. Early dagmaritins evolved from Globivalvulina cyprica by the appearance of Sengoerina in the Capitanian and the frequently encountered association G. cyprica-Sengoerina-Dagmarita-Danielita in Turkey suggests that the evolutionary derivations of dagmaritin genera occurred very rapidly in the Capitanian. The subfamily Paradagmaritinae is synonymized under the subfamily Dagmaritinae. Among recently introduced genera, only Paradagmacrusta is included in the Dagmaritinae. Labiodagmarita, Bidagmarita and Siphodagmarita should be grouped in a new suprageneric taxon related to Paleotextulariidae. Characterized by different wall and chamber structures, Paradagmaritella and Paremiratella are also kept outside the subfamily Dagmaritinae. Paradagmaritopsis seems to be a product of iterative evolution in the Lopingian derived from Globivalvulina cyprica, similar to the evolution of Sengoerina in the Capitanian. However, its chamber structure suggests that it should be classified in the subfamily Globivalvulininae.

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