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The Demirci migmatitic quartzofeldspathic gneisses of the Sünnice Massif, exposed in the İstanbul Zone north of Bolu, have compositions that show them to be paragneisses, associated with subordinate para-amphibolites. They consist principally of metamorphosed, rather calcareous greywackes, with sediment derived from a continental arc source. They occur in the para-autochthon below a nappe pile (Çele meta-ophiolite), deformed and subjected to amphibolite facies metamorphism before the emplacement of late Neoproterozoic metavolcanic rocks later subjected to greenschist-facies metamorphism (Yellice volcanics). As they are overlain in sequence by nappes comprising sections of the Çele meta-ophiolite with ocean floor basalt and island arc tholeiite compositions respectively, the Demirci paragneisses may represent a section of the ancient continental basement on to which the meta-ophiolite was obducted during the Proterozoic.


geochemistry, nappes, Proterozoic paragneiss, Sünnice Massif, Turkey

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