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Preliminary results of resistivity distribution in the crust around the Gediz graben by the magnetotelluric (MT) measurements along two 73- and 16-km-long MT profiles (M1 and profile M2) are presented. Bostick depth transformation of the resistivity component of the MT data denoted a conductive zone at a depth of ~ 10 km. This zone may be related to crustal extension and high regional heat flow (50% higher than the world average). Preliminary interpretation based on one dimensional (1D) inversion result show that the thickness of sediments over the resistive basement changes from 950-3800 m along the profile M1. The relations between the trends of main structures in the region and abrupt lateral resistivity changes in the subsurface within the Gediz graben are discussed in the light of the residual apparent resistivity profiles.


Gediz graben, magnetotelluric, resistivity, conductive lower crust

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