Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences




Remote-sensing and geographic-information-systems (GIS) techniques were jointly used in this study to establish a GIS database system for the Yeşilırmak watershed provinces, which include Amasya, Tokat, Çorum, Yozgat and Samsun. Composite multicolour images (down to 6 m resolution) from the LANDSAT TM and Indian IRS C/D satellites, land-use/land-cover maps derived from these images, road networks, soil information, digital terrain model, slope and aspect information derived from digital elevation data and meteorological data at province level are the major constituents of this database. A 'project office' has been established with trained personnel at each province centre to effectively use the resultant GIS in planning, monitoring and applications, as well as to update it regularly. Some sample applications of the resultant Yeşilırmak Watershed Provinces Geographic Information System (YPG) to various provincial and watershed-level problems are presented.


Satellite Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Watershed Management, Image Processing

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