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A method of ultrasonic leaching has been developed for the destructive analysis of magmatic rock samples^1. This method was applied to determine three new elements, Ca, Mg and Al, in magmatic rock samples. The accuracy of the ultrasonic leaching method (C_{ULM}) was tested using standard reference materials (SRMs) and the recovery ratio as K_1 = C_{ULM}/C_{SRM} was defined. Another recovery ratio, K_2, was also defined from the results of the conventional dissolution method (CDM), that is K_2 = C_{ULM}/C_{CDM}. The accuracy and precision of the method are comparable with those of conventional methods. The following recovery ratios were obtained for Ca, Mg and Al, respectively. 96% < K_{1, Ca} < 112% and 95% < K_{2, Ca} < 112%, 93% < K_{1, Mg} < 109% and 94% < K_{2, Mg} < 108% and 91% < K_{1, Al} < 102% and 94% < K_{2, Al} < 107%.


Ultrasonic metal leaching, partial leaching, magmatic rocks, flame-AAS

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