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We investigated the dynamic phase transitions (DPTs) in the mixed spin (2, 5/2) Blume-Emery Griffiths model with repulsive biquadratic interaction in the presence of a time-varying magnetic field. We used the path probability method to obtain the set of the dynamic equations. We numerically solved these dynamic equations to characterize the nature of first- and second-order phase transitions and to find the DPT temperatures as well as obtain the phases in the system. We constructed the dynamic phase diagrams (DPDs) in reduced temperature and amplitude of oscillating magnetic field plane. We observed that the DPDs display richer, complex and more topological various type of phase diagrams. In particular, DPDs exhibit the disordered phase, antiquadrupolar or staggered phase, six different ferrimagnetic phases, three different nonmagnetic phases, and numerous mixed phases. DPDs also display two dynamic tricritical points for only smaller values of crystal-field interactions, multiple critical end and double critical end points, one zero-temperature critical point, one inverse critical end point, and a quadruple point depending on interaction parameters. The system always shows the reentrant behaviors for the higher values of magnetic field amplitude, but it does not exhibit the dynamic tricritical behavior for higher values of crystal-field parameter.


Mixed spin (2, 5/2) Ising model, path probability method, dynamic phase transition, dynamic phase diagram, reentrant behavior, special critical points

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