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The study of the properties of doubly heavy baryons represents a promising area in particle physics. It can provide us with information about Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa (CKM) matrix elements and the low energy dynamics of QCD. They have a very rich phenomenology. The investigation of weak, electromagnetic, and strong decays has a vital importance for understanding the dynamics of doubly heavy baryons. The main ingredients of such studies are the spectroscopic parameters, the strong coupling constants, and the transition form factors. For calculations of these quantities, non-perturbative methods are needed. One of these methods is the QCD sum rules. In the present work, we review our studies on the properties of the doubly heavy baryons within the sum rules method, focusing mainly on the mass and strong coupling constants of the doubly heavy baryons. In addition, the radiative decays of doubly heavy baryons are estimated using the vector dominance model. We also make few remarks on the semileptonic decays of the doubly heavy baryons


Doubly heavy baryons, QCD sum rule, mass, strong coupling constant

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