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We have measured the current?voltage-temperature (I-V-T) characteristics of the Au/n-GaAs/In Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs) to introduce their thermal sensitivity mechanism. The forward bias voltage variation with temperature (thermal sensitivity) of this SBDs has been studied at different constant current levels. The diode showed high and decisive thermal sensitivity up to a current level of 0.10 pA. The bias voltage-temperature (V-T) curves of the SBD have showed an excellent linear behavior at all current levels. The slope dV/dT = ? or the thermal sensitivity coefficient ? from the V-T curves decreased from 3.42 mV/K at 0.10 pA to 1.31 mV/K at 10 mA with increasing current level. Furthermore, the ? versus current graph of the diode has given a straight line from 0.10 pA to 10 mA whose intercept ?0 and slope d?/dI values have been obtained as 2.65 mV/K and -0.081 mV/(AK). The linearity of the voltage vs temperature and the ? vs current graphs is a very crucial key factor of a good thermal sensor in the thermal sensitivi


Schottky diodes, temperature sensor, thermal sensitivity, thermionic emission, GaAs semiconduct

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