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Recent advances in precise stoichiometry control and high-resolution characterization of advanced spintronicmaterials allowed for the development of integrated spintronic devices, which might enable ultralow power magnonicdevices with multi-THz spin wave bandwidth and topologically protected spin wavefunctions that are robust for fabrica-tion imperfections. In addition, advances in microwave and optical excitation and control of quantum states in diamondnitrogen-vacancy systems (diamond-NV) allowed for ultrasensitive magnetometry and integrated quantum logic applica-tions. Here, an integrated spintronic garnet/diamond-NV quantum system has been reviewed and discussed for logic andmemory applications. After an overview of the recent advances in the growth and characterization of insulating magneticiron garnets, previous computational demonstrations of ultrawide bandwidth topologically protected few-nanometer sizechiral spin structures called skyrmions are discussed for carrying information on chip between diamond-NV systems.Next, earlier diamond-NV characterization studies using microwave ferromagnetic resonance and photoluminescencemeasurements were reviewed. Finally, a brief discussion is presented on the steps needed for integrated quantum spin-tronic devices to operate at room temperature.


Quantum systems, spintronics, magnonics, diamond nitrogen-vacancy centers

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