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We present optical identification of deep level defects in as-grown and annealed GaBixAs$_{1-x}$ (x $=$ 0, 0.013 and 0.015) alloys grown at different temperatures (220 \textdegree C and 320 \textdegree C) by using photo-modulated reflectance (PR) spectroscopy and photoluminescence (PL). The PR measurements are employed at above- and below-bandgap excitations, and the PR line-shape is analyzed by the third derivative functional form (TDFF). The PR at below-bandgap excitation reveals transitions at 0.757 \textpm 0.001 eV and 0.710 \textpm 0.002 eV at 30K and 300K, respectively. Franz-Keldysh oscillations are observed in all samples under above-bandgap excitation at PR measurements, and the built-in electric field, which may originate from the charged As-antisite defects is calculated from local extrema points in the PR spectra. The decrease in the built-in electric field after thermal annealing is explained with decreased point defect density.


Dilute bismide alloys, GaBiAs, deep level defect, antisite defect, photoreflectance

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