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Empirical formulae of rotational spectra consisting two parameters, such as single-term energy formula, E = aJb for spin J , and ab formula, were used to study the different features of superdeformed band in A = 100-150 mass region nuclei. The nuclear kinematic and dynamic moment of inertia for the ground-state rotational bands were calculated for this purpose and both showed gradual rise with rotational frequency. The study of ΔI = 2 staggering effects in the γ-ray energies, where the two sequences J = 4i; 4i + 1 and J = 4i + 2, (i = 0; 1; ...) are bifurcated, was also done. We also calculated the variation of the gamma ray energies from a smooth reference using the fourth derivative of the gamma ray energies at a given spin. The excellent agreement between the observed and calculated transition energies are in good support of the two-parameter formula.


Superdeformed band, two parameter formula, staggering index, identical bands

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