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An X-ray nonthermal spectral investigation of the galactic shell-type supernova remnant (SNR) Vela Jr. using archival data from Chandra for the northern and northwestern rims of the SNR is presented. Spectra were extracted from four emission regions in these rims (three in the northwestern rim and one in the northern). The X-ray spectra of the northwestern rim were well reproduced by a single power-law and the synchrotron model srcut, and for the north rim, the spectra were fitted by a single and a broken power-law, respectively. The spectra of both rims show no line emission. Each spectrum was fit by subtracting the modeled and nonmodeled background spectra, and statistically acceptable fits to all regions were derived using each model. Slight variations in derived fit parameters (such as photon index and roll-off frequency) with the background modeling method are also reported.


X-rays, interstellar medium, supernova remnants, Vela Jr., (G266.6-1.2, RX J0852.0-4622)

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