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For electron field emitters, the emitter's physical and geometrical parameters, namely the emitter work function and its geometrical factor, are extracted from the slope of the Fowler-Nordheim (FN) plot. The literature contains few investigations and reviews of extended parameter extraction models based on the slope and intercept of the FN plot. However, due to the complexity of these reviews, there is a great need for an integrated approach to the area extraction model whereby a simplified account of the derivation and implementation of the model is presented and made convenient, especially for scholars other than physicists and engineers. This is precisely the aim of the present article, where the standard FN equation and Schottky-Nordheim barrier functions are preserved and only measurable parameters are involved in the extraction model and the derivation of the area extraction equation. In addition, the model is applied to experimental field emission data from a single LaB$_{6}$ nanoemitter to support the discussion and to elaborate on the model's applicability, significance, and advantages.


Field electron emission, Fowler-Nordheim theory, Fowler-Nordheim equation, emission area, parameter extraction model

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