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Solid-state nuclear track detectors (SSNTDs) find applications in many fields of science and technology. Polycarbonates like CR-39 or Lexan are most widely used for such applications. Pokalon is a relatively new member of the polycarbonate family of SSNTDs. It has the same monomer as that of Makrofol. In the present work we have studied the bulk etching characteristics of Pokalon at different temperatures and normalities of NaOH etchant with and without magnetic stirring. The effect of UV and gamma irradiation on the bulk etch rate has also been studied. From the bulk etch rate values at different temperatures, we have determined the corresponding activation energies. Measurable enhancement of the bulk etch rates with accompanying reduction in the activation energies following UV and gamma irradiation suggests chain scission and bond breaking as possible mechanisms for these changes in the etching characteristics.


Solid-state nuclear track detectors, Pokalon, chemical etching, bulk etch rate, UV, gamma irradiation

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