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One-dimensional study of both electronic and electrical parameters of a silicon solar cell in the presence or not of an electric field, a magnetic field, or an electromagnetic field does not take into account the grain size and the grain boundary recombination velocity. A three-dimensional study, on the contrary, takes those factors into account. However, the three-dimensional study poses the problem of the attenuation of the wave in the grain of the polycrystalline solar cell as well as the issue of finding the expressions of its components. This study aimed to solve these issues by considering radio waves, which are becoming more and more present in our environment via telecommunication masts. We first obtained the expressions of both the electric field and magnetic field in a grain of a polycrystalline silicon solar cell by solving the dispersion equation. Then we investigated the evolution of the radio wave into the grain by analyzing the behavior of the exponential coefficient that appeared in the expressions of both the electric field and the magnetic field. The study has shown that the attenuation of the radio wave can be neglected through the polycrystalline silicon solar grain and by extension through the polycrystalline silicon solar cell.


Attenuation, radio wave, polycrystalline silicon solar cell, equations of Maxwell, monochromatic illumination

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