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We present LIME (Line Measurements from ECHELLE Spectra), an IDL-based code, as a powerful tool for semiautomated stellar line measurement and identification. Interactively selected line positions (i.e. wavelengths) are compared with a master line list of the user's selections. Each unknown line that the user interactively chooses is displayed with potential identifications provided by the code in the vicinity of the selected line. The best identification is evaluated on the basis of several criteria (e.g., atomic/molecular line information, wavelength displacement, and theoretical equivalent width for solar atmospheric values). We examined the identifications by LIME in the spectra of post-red supergiant star HD 179821 over a range of signal-to-noise values and wavelength ranges. We found that the results obtained by LIME show virtually complete agreement with the manual identifications for which the conventional and also tedious approach is to use a revised multiplet table as an initial guide and perform a systematic search that makes use of the lower excitation potential and gf-values. Comparison to previous identifications for HD 179821 in the literature revealed not only lines that were unmeasurable and/or blended but also misidentifications. While a manual identification process takes a relatively longer time to be accomplished by an experienced spectroscopist, LIME can provide a rapid extraction of line information in a few hours with moderate user interaction.


Spectroscopy, line identification, atomic data

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