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We studied numerically the dynamics and bifurcations route to chaos of an optically injected semiconductor laser. The sequence of bifurcations mainly followed the period-doubling scenario. Observations of different kinds of injected semiconductor laser dynamical behaviors including stable state, periodic oscillation state, quasi-periodic oscillation state, co-existence of periodic and chaotic states, and period-3 and period-6 oscillation states are reported. The existence of isolated branches created from a sudden jump in the dynamics of the semiconductor laser was also observed in the bifurcation diagram. In order to draw a detailed picture for the dynamical behavior of the semiconductor laser, we constructed color stability maps describing the laser system dynamics as a function of the pumping current (P) and the injection field strength (eta) for 2 cases, without and with gain saturation effect.


Nonlinear dynamics, bifurcations, period-doubling, chaos, semiconductor lasers

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