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In thermal plasma, the ion--atom collisions proceed most probably through resonance processes. One of the important processes is the resonant transfer excitation followed by emission of X-rays (RTEX), which causes self-cooling for plasma. In addition, it is identical to the dielectronic recombination (DR) in electron-ion collisions. The present work deals with the calculation of DR cross-sections (\sigma^{DR}s) and DR rate coefficients (\alpha^{DR}s) as well as RTEX cross-sections (\sigma^{RTEX}s) for Mg-like ions [Ar^{6+} and Kr^{24+}] with L-shell and K-shell excitation for \Deltan = 0 and \Delta n \neq 0. Comparison between the present results and other calculations for the rates are presented. RTEX cross-sections are calculated for the collision of Ar^{6+} and Kr^{24+} ions with He and H_2 targets. The calculations are carried out using the adapted angular momentum average scheme in the isolated resonance approximation.

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