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Neutron total and differential elastic scattering cross-sections for ^{55}Mn nucleus was calculated from different global spherical optical potential (SOP) sets for different neutron energies ranging from 0.2 MeV to 22 MeV using the well known computer program SCAT-2 on an IBM PC-AT. In addition, the angular distributions of elastically scattered neutrons at different neutron energies were calculated. The results were compared with those of the experimental data obtained from the EXFOR data file of NEA data bank. The best-fit potential parameter was thereby selected. It was observed that the best fit to the experimental values of the total cross-sections are obtained by SOP parameters of Kawai for ^{55}Mn. Furthermore, the variations of the total cross-sections as a function of real potential depth V_0 and real radius parameter r_0 were calculated to observe the sensitivity of these parameters towards the cross-sections.


Optical model potential, SOP parameter, nuclear interaction cross section, angular distribution

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