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The static elastic constants (C_{11}, C_{12} and C_{44}), pressure derivative of elastic constants, pressure derivative of bulk modulus, propagation velocities of longitudinal and transverse waves in [100], [110] and [111] directions and Young modulus are investigated through computations using the higher-order perturbation theory based on pseudopotential formalism, in which we have applied our own proposed model potential for GaP, GaAs and GaSb semiconductor compounds. In the present calculations, two local-field correction functions are employed to consider exchange and correlation effects. The numerical values of the aforesaid properties are found to be sensitive to the selection of the local-field correction function and showing a significant variation with the change in the function. The presently investigated numerical data is found to have, in general, good agreement with the available experiment data and other such theoretical values.


Semiconductor compound, pseudopotential method, elastic constant, pressure derivative of bulk modulus, pressure derivative of elastic constants

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