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The energies and matter densities of finite nuclei under radial compression are investigated by using a constrained Hartree-Fock method with the \Delta degree of freedom included. The results are presented for the doubly-magic nucleus ^{100}Sn in an effective baryon-baryon interaction. It is found that as the nucleus is compressed to about three time of the ordinary nuclear density, the \Delta component is sharply increased to about 17% of all baryons in the system. This result is consistent with the values extracted from relativistic heavy-ion collisions. The single particle energy levels calculated and their behaviors under compression examined too. A good agreement between results with effective Hamiltonian and the phenomenological shell model for the low lying single-particle spectra obtained. A considerable reduction in compressibility for the nucleus, and softening of the equation of state with the inclusion of the \Delta 's in the nuclear dynamics are suggested by the results.


Nuclear structure, compressed finite nuclei, \Delta -nesonance; Hartree-Fock method, single particle energy

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