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The structural and optical properties of CdTe thin films prepared at a low substrate temperature were investigated before and after the CdCl_2/annealing. The crystal structure of CdTe film was cubic with a strong (111) preferential orientation. Annealing at 400 °C without CdCl_2 treatment results in a decrease in the (111) peak intensity while the intensities of the (220), (311) and (331) peaks appeared, indicating that the texture is significantly changed. However, after the CdCl_2/annealing, the film exhibited a hexagonal phase as a dominant structure. The scanning electron microscopy patterns showed that the as-deposited and annealed samples had almost the same grain size. However, the grain size of the sample annealed after the CdCl_2 treatment increased significantly. The optical band gap values for the as grown and CdCl_2/annealed films were determined to be \sim 1.48 eV and \sim 1.49 eV, respectively.


Thin films, vacuum deposition, electron diffraction, crystal structure

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