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Electrical resistivity measurements on thermally evaporated Mn_{100-x} Ru_x thin films (with x = 0.05 at.% Ru and x = 2.5 at.% Ru) have been carried out over the temperature range from 300 to 1.4 K. A behaviour typical of the bulk \alpha-Mn has been observed on the film with x = 0.05 at.% Ru. The Néel point of this specimen is established at 90 \pm 1 K which is typical of the bulk. This Néel point is raised to 100 \pm 1 K with x = 2.5 at.% Ru in \alpha-Mn. A relatively long range magnetic ordering was observed with x = 0.05 at.% Ru in \alpha-Mn indicating that the concentration of Ru has an adverse effect on antiferromagnetism in \alpha-Mn. The low temperature resistivity of the 2.50 at.% Ru in \alpha-Mn can be explained in terms of Kondo scattering.

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