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Nuclear structural studies at and beyond the proton drip line is done with the help of proton radioactivity. It is found that nuclei are not necessarily always spherical. The aim of the present work is to study the role of quadrupole deformation in proton rich nuclei, particularly with respect to odd Z nuclei within the region 50 < Z < 80 near the proton drip line. The deformation is studied using triaxially deformed cranked Nilsson Strutinsky method with tuning. Some of the nuclei in the medium mass region are found to be proton emitters from the ground state with appreciable deformation. Nuclei with 62 < Z < 67 shows considerable deformation that kindled the probability of instability within the nuclei. Significant ground state deformed shapes are observed in the 67 < Z < 73 region.


Proton radioactivity, quadrupole deformation, tuned cranked Nilsson Strutinsky shell correction method

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