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Product operator formalism is widely used for the analytical description of multi-dimensional and multiple-pulse NMR experiments for the weakly coupled spin systems having spin-1/2 and spin-1 nuclei. The INEPT NMR experiment is a polarization transfer experiment including J-coupling. In this study, the INEPT NMR experiment was analytically investigated by using product operator theory for weakly coupled IS_n(^{14}ND_n) (I=1, S=1; n=1, 2, 3) spin systems. The obtained theoretical results represent the FID values of ^{14}ND_n groups. In order to make Fourier transform of the obtained FID values, a Maple program is used and then simulated spectra of the INEPT experiment are obtained for ^{14}ND_n groups. Then, the experimental suggestions are made for the INEPT NMR experiment of ^{14}ND_n groups. Also, it is suggested that the INEPT NMR experiment of IS (I=1, S=1) spin system can be used in NMR quantum computing.


NMR, INEPT, product operator formalism, spin-1

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