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A new class of dilute magnetic semiconductor (DMS, CdMnS) thin film based photoelectrochemical cell is presented. DMS thin films are synthesized on both glass and stainless steel substrates using a chemical growth process. The preparation parameters, such as growth temperature, time, reaction pH, precursor concentrations, etc., were optimized to yield characteristically oriented films. The layer thickness was found to decrease with increase in Mn^{2+} concentration. Composition of the as-grown samples was determined by an EDS technique. The electrochemical cells were then formed out of these series of films as the active photoelectrodes, an electrolyte and a counter electrode. The cells were then characterized through their dark and photosensing properties. The other cell parameters were determined from these studies and the cell performance has been evaluated with a special reference to Mn^{2+} concentration in CdS. A significant enhancement in performance has been observed for a cell with electrode composition of x = 0.01.


Cd_{1-x}Mn_xS Magnetic semiconductor, DMS, Photoelectrochemical cell, Magnetic properties, fill factor.

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