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Specific heat capacity C_p anomalies of layered single crystals TlInS_2 and TlGaS_2 have been investigated using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) as a new technique for such crystals. Special features of C_p have been revealed in the temperature range of the possible phase transitions of both crystals. A sequence of maximum values of C_p is obtained at 163, 174, 184, 193, 201, 212, 224, 254, and 259 K for TlInS_2. In the case of TlGaS_2, the temperatures of the obtained maximum C_p values at 177 and 241 K agree well with the intervals of the phase transition temperatures reported in the published data of TlGaS_2. As a result, it is remarked that DSC technique might have a particular potential for the thermal measurements of layered semiconductors.


Ternary compounds, layered crystal, heat capacity, DSC, phase transition

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