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The total conductivity of KHCO_3 compound is studied in the frequency range 50 Hz-1 MHz and in the temperature range 300-370 K. The conductivity frequency dependence relation is divided into three regions: one at low frequency (dc conductivity), while the others appear at a moderate and relatively higher frequency range. In general, the conductivity frequency dependence conductivity obeys a double power law relation, \sigma_{tot} = \sigma_{dc} + A\omega^p + B\omega^q. The powers p and q have been found to be in the range 0 to 1 and 1 to 2, respectively. The attenuation coefficient \beta of KHCO_3 compound was studied over a temperature range from room temperature up to 370 K. The general behavior showed two essential activated regions. The activation energies are estimated and discussed.


KHCO_3, Ac conductivity, Ultrasonic

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