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High field transport in wide bandgap semiconductors like GaN is of great technological importance. The negative differential mobility regime at high fields, under suitable conditions, can lead to millimeter-wave Gunn oscillations. Using extensive simulation based an ensemble Monte Carlo technique, the prospects of GaN Gunn diodes are theoretically investigated. The possibility of operating these Gunn diodes at their higher harmonic modes are explored. The main finding of this research is that the carrier dynamics in GaN can be tailored by an optimum choice of doping profile, temperature and bias conditions so that the efficiency of higher harmonic Gunn oscillations can be boosted. Finally, the physical origin of these Gunn oscillations is sought exploring whether it is the intervalley scattering mechanism, the \Gamma valley nonparabolicity, or the effective mass discrepancy between the \Gamma and the lowest satellite valleys as the responsible mechanism.

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