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A series of Co-Zn ferrite samples substituted by Mn were prepared by the usual double sintering ceramic technique. The x-ray diffraction patterns of the samples confirmed the formation of single-phase spinel structure, and x-ray analysis supply data that suggests the cation distribution of the material. The tetrahedral and octahedral radius permits one to calculate the theoretical lattice parameter and the bond lengths Fe-O at A and B sites. The particle size of the given samples was measured from the Scherer equation and a correlation was found between particle size, and structural and magnetic properties. The XRF confirmed the presence of stoichiometric solid-state reaction in the material. The saturation magnetization M_{s} decreases continuously with increase of Mn content. For Co_{0.6} Zn_{0.4} Mn_{x} Fe_{2 - x} O_{4} , the Neel model for the two sub-lattice can be used up to x = 0.8 to explain the compositional variation of magnetic moment due to the reduction of the A-B interaction. Above x = 0.8, the reduction of the B-B interaction is responsible for an increase in the magnetic moment due to the canting effect.


Co-Zn-Mn ferrite, Cation distribution, Magnetic properties

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