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The temperature dependencies of the thermal power a_{0} and thermal conductivity \kappa in two samples of In_{1 - x} Ga_{x}Sb (x=0.65 and 0.45) doped by {Te\sim } 0.001 at\%, with electron concentration n = 5.9 \cdot 10^{16} and 1.3 \cdot 10^{17} cm^{ - 3} (at 100K), have been investigated. It is shown that in In_{0.35}Ga_{0.65}Sb a_{0} increases with decreasing T below 50K. At 14K a_{0} passes through maximum and it falls sharply with decreasing T. It is shown that the maximum value of a_{0} is in agreement with the maximum value of \kappa . In In_{0.55}Ga_{0.45}Sb, starting from T = 4.2K, a_{0} is shown to increase monotonically. For In_{0.35}Ga_{0.65}Sb, thermal power due to phonon drag a_{ph} is derived and its dependence on temperature, \alpha_{ph}(T), is plotted. It is shown that when \alpha_{ph} rises with decreasing T, \alpha_{ph}(T) changes as T^{-2.6}; and when the curve falls, it is characterized by a power index of 2.8. These results for In_{0.35}Ga_{0.65}Sb compare reasonably well to other semiconductors for solid solutions and are in good agreement with Herring theory.

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