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Computerized glow curve deconvolution method is used to determine the number of peaks, the order of kinetics b, the activation energy E_a,frequency factor s and number of the trapped electrons n_0 associated with the glow peaks in single crystal of CaF_2:Dy (TLD-200). Glow curve analysis indicate that the glow curve in the temperature region between room temperature and 250 ^oC can be best described as a superposition of six peaks. First five peaks are described by first-order kinetics and sixth peak general-order kinetic. The number of trapped electrons, activation energies and frequency factor for individual glow peaks are as follows: (Peak 1) 3x10^{13}, 1.27 and 2.13x10^{17}, (Peak 2) 6.3x10^{13}, 1.01 and 9.2x10^{12}, (Peak 3) 3.3x10^{14}, 0.7 and 6.12x10^7, (Peak 4) 2.4x10^{14}, 1.14 and 3.28x10^{12}, (Peak 5) 1.5x10^{14}, 0.84 and 2.56x10^8, (Peak 6) 2.4x10^{14}, 0.98 and 1.76x10^9.

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