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The ordinary bremsstrahlung $ep \rightarrow ep\gamma$ can be used at the linac-ring $ep$ colliders for luminosity measurement. It is known that at high energies this process has a large correction due to beam-size effect. We have calculated this effect for $ep$ colliders of the linac-ring type. For the LHC+CLIC collider the correction exceeds 10\% for $E_{\gamma} < 0.95\;E_e$. As a rule, the bremsstrahlung of protons in the $ep$ scattering is not considered due to its small cross section. However, if the photon energy $E_{\gamma}$ becomes small enough, the number of produced photons become large because in this case the radiation is determined by the interaction of a proton with the collective electromagnetic field of the electron bunch. It is coherent bremsstrahlung (CBS). We present the main characteristics of CBS calculated for linac-ring $ep$ colliders. At the LHC+CLIC collider it should be about $1700 \; dE_\gamma /E_\gamma$ photons for a single collision of bunches at $E_\gamma \stackrel{

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