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The energy loss rate for pair annihilation is calculated numerically in V-A (Fermi theory) and Weinberg-Salam (Standard theory) theories, taking into account also the variation of density at various temperatures using the results obtained in closed form by Chiu, and Schinder, et al. The calculations made by Chiu, and Salpeter, et al., are seen to be parallel to each other. Dicus has calculated energy loss rate for this process only for a few limiting cases since the integrals can not be taken analytically for all \lambda and \nu. The graph drawn for the values we obtained is compared with the graph drawn by Hayashi, et al. The present study attempts to determine at what stage of stellar evolution the pair annihilation process is effective by examining the difference between the graphs obtained for V-A an WS theories. Both theories show that the region where the pair annihilation is effective is between C and Ne burnings.

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