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Influence of Zn Doping on the Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Bi(Pb)SrCaCuO Superconductors




In this paper we report our results on the effect of Zn-doping on the superconductivity properties of the compound Bi_{1.7}Pb_{0.3}Sr_{2}Ca_{2}Zn_{x}Cu_{3-x}O_y for x=0.00, 0.10, 0.15 and 0.20. The zero-resistance temperature (T_{co}) decreases with increasing x up to 0.20. The T_{co} of the pure specimen is 104.5K, while T_{co} for the x=0.20 sample is 90.30K. While the undoped sample has a single transition in R vs T relation, the doped samples show double transitions which become more evident for higher doped level. The volume fractions of the high-T_c phase (2223) and grain size decreased with increasing Zn content.

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