Turkish Journal of Physics

Structural Phase Transformation (F. C. C. \ra B. C. C.) in F. C. C. Metals and Their Stability on the Path of Transformation




Because of its importance in Solid-State Physics, Metalurgy, Solid Mechanics and geophysics, theoretical strength calculations are performed to locate the stress-free b.c.c phase on three f.c.c metals (Ca, Pb, Ir). Internal energies correspponding to the unstresed b.c.c. and f.c.c. phase, and the required stress and energy changes for f.c.c.\rab.c.c. transformation for these crystals are computed. To determine the range of stability (G stability), the Born criterion is used by calculating the values of deformation connecting the stress-free b.c.c. and stress-free f.c.c. phases of Ca, Pb and Ir. The studied crystals are subjected to unconstrained (100) uniaxial tension in all computations, and E.G.E.P. (Extended generalized exponantial potential) model is used to carry out these calculations.

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