Turkish Journal of Physics

Characteristics of \pi^{-} Mesons Produced in Nucleus-Nucleus Interactions at Energy of 3.7 GeV Per Nucleon




The data are obtained on streamer chamber spectrometer SKM-200 at energy of 3.7 GeV per incident nucleon. From the analysis of angular distributions of \pi^{-} mesons the anisotropy coefficient a for He-Li, He-C, C-Ne, C- Cu, C-Pb, O-Pb and Mg-Mg collisions are obtained. It has been shown, that a is similar for symmetric system of nuclei (He-Li and Mg-Mg) and increases slowly with mass numbers of projectile (A_{p}) and target (A_{ T}) for other pairs of nuclei. The anisotropy coefficient a increases linearly with the kinetic energy E^{\ast}_{kin} (in c.m.s) for all pairs of nuclei. The qualitative agreement of our results with the predictions of the intranuclear cascade models has been observed.

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