Turkish Journal of Physics

Recovery and Recrystallization of Cold Rolled Al-3.3 Mg-1.22 Mn Alloy Sheet; Precipitation Hardening as a Function of Aging Temperature; Effect of Rate of Quenching on Age-hardening




The present scientific and technological advancement in space travel has given an added impetus to the development and production of light metal high strength alloys, capable of enduring rapid changes in temperature and other environmental conditions. Al-3.3 Mg-1.22 Mn (weight \%) cold rolled alloy sheet of 2 mm thickness was selected for the study. This alloy falls in the category of non-heat treatable, corrosive resistant alloys. The change in mechanical behaviour when age-softened in N_2 gas atomsphere was studied. In addition, mechanical properties of samples when artificially aged in the temperature range of 150^{\circ}C-250^{\circ}C for 3 hours each, after solution treatment at 450^{\circ}C for 12 h followed by quenching to room temperature were investigated. It is revealed that improvement, though limited, in tensile strength, surface hardness and ductility during aging is a function of cooling rate during quenching.

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