Turkish Journal of Physics

An Iterated Quasi-Adiabatic Approach for Deuteron Induced Reactions






Recent calculations using the quasi-adiabatic aproximation have yielded significant corrections to the adiabatic model and led to an improved description of the measured observables in the ^{66}Zn(d,p)^{67}Zn reaction at 88.2 MeV, due to the sensible choice of the n-p center of mass energy in breakup configurations. In this paper, to further improve these calculations, a self consistent mean energy prescription which leads to more correct treatment of the large n-p momentum components of the three- body wavefunction in the continuum is discussed within the formalism of the quasi-adiabatic approximation. To establish the significance of the modifications introduced by the iteration scheme used, the reaction observables for the ^{66}Zn(d,p)^{67}Zn reaction are calculated and the trends of these observables are compared with those of essentialy exact the CDCC technique. It is found that although the effects of the iteration on the mean relative breakup energy are considerably large, there is no significant effect on the angular distributions of the reaction observables in going from the zeroth order to the iterated calculations for the reaction of interest. This justifies the relability of the recently published zeroth order quasi-adiabatic calculations.

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