Turkish Journal of Physics

Noise Characteristcs of Cd_{1-x}Zn_{x}S Films Deposited From Solution




The study of Cd_{1-x}Zn_{x}S (0\leq x \leq 0.6) films obtained by method of chemical deposition from aqueous solution on glass ceramic substrates via interaction of thiourea with cadmium and zinc salts. In Cd_{1-x}Zn_{x}S films just subsequent to their deposition 1/f-type noise is clearly revealed and is attributed to collective barries. In the frequency range above a few kilohertz the generation-recombination noises predominate In Cd_{1-x}Zn_{x}S films after heat treatment in air at 500^{\circ}C, generation-recombination noise dominates at relative frequencies. The noise level of Cd_{1-x}Zn_{x}S films (0\leq x\leq 0,2) after heat treatment shows that they are useful as threshold radiation detectors (P_{thr}=10^{-12}W).

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