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Determination of the Values of Band-Edge Discontinuities \Delta E_v and \Delta E_c at the Heterojunction of N-GaSb/n-GaInAsSb Isotype Structures by Photovoltaic Method




Values of the potential jumps in the valence band and in the conduction band have been determined by photovoltaic method for N-GaSb/n-GaInAsSb isotype structures fabricated by liquid-phase epitaxy. Measurements of the ratio of photoresponse value to R_0 at temperatures over the range 90-360 K have shown a value of potential jump in valence band as much as 0,1 eV. Energy band diagrams have been established for N-GaSb/n-GaInAsSb junctions which show evidence that the junctions corresponds to II-type "staggered" heterojunctions.

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