Turkish Journal of Physics

The Dislocation walls in \beta-Sn Single Crystals




\beta-Sn single crystals used in this study were melted and grown by the modified Bridgman method under a vacuum of about 10^{-4} torr, and oriented by the back reflection Laue method. The as-grown crystal plates were stretched by about 1 percent strain along the [110] direction and then annealed for 8 hours 210^{\circ}C in a vacuum. Dislocation walls consisting of three or four arrays were revealed on the (001) surface of deformed, and then annealed crystals by an etch hillock technique. It was found that dislocations in the wall have the Burgers vectors \frac{1}{2}[111] and the wall was split into three or four arrays at the surface but had nearly merged into a single array under the surface.

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